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Archive Games, a freely downloadable application, allows you to quickly and easily download great games directly to your desktop! Download it now and get started!
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Archive Games makes it easy to quickly deploy your game to your users! Here's why you should consider using Archive Games:

Indie Developers: We want to provide fun games to our users, especially games that are lesser known. Even if your game is small, if it's fun then we want it!

Archive Games is Easy for Users: It is small and easy to download & install. Users do not have to make an account or sign-up to use Archive Games.

Easy E-Commerce: Need to sell your game but don't want to deal with setting up an e-commerce site and managing payments? Archive Games has a robust e-commerce setup which collects payments from users online and provides access after payment is received. Full purchase statistics are available to you via the back-end site.

Fine-grained Permissions: Want to launch a private beta before releasing to everyone? Archive Games has a powerful permissions system so you can specify who has access to your game. Use our iterative development features (below) to keep users on the same version.

Iterative Development? Use Archive Games to keep all your users on the same version: If you are frequently tuning your game or adding new content, that may generate many patches users have to individually install. With Archive Games, you can update the game configuration via our web interface and users can patch to that version with a single button click (then afterwards launch directly into your game via a convenient launch button).

A new Audience: Distribute via your own website and only your own visitors download your game. Adding Archive Games in addition to your own website gives you the audience of all Archive Games users plus your current audience. Archive Games has the backing of The Archive, a site with over 4,000 registered users.

Cross-Platform: Archive Games supports both Windows and Linux. When distributing your game, you can specify download configurations and release notes for each platform individually.

Distribute Now!

It's easy to get started - you can simply provide us your game files to distribute and we handle the rest. Alternatively, we can grant you access to the back-end and documentation so you can directly control your game's deployment. Please contact us to get started!